Number 4 of the 5 step program to achieve Dacey’s Cornish tours enlightenment is more of a prerequisite. For most people who take a Dacey’s tour, step 4 has already played a part in bringing us together but for some it needs to be supplemented before departure to that fine faraway Cornish land.

renderDoc Martin, the TV show made in Port Isaac, Cornwall,  can be seen on most PBS channels in America and is shown in over 35 other countries for good reason. Some would say British TV is at its very best when exported to all four corners of the globe.


So what is Doc Martin? Well, an irritable, impolite doctor from London finds himself running a local surgery in the fictitious town of Portwenn, otherwise known as Port Isaac, also the first stop on Dacey’s Cornish tours. Watching Doc Martin for just ten minutes you will see why it is a “must stop” for us.

Anyway, back to the Doc which is now in Season 6, can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday when the doctor turned up in Porthwenn having to leave London after developing an acute fear of blood, not an ideal phobia to suddenly get when you are a hot shot surgeon. Season 6 has recently been shown in England. In fact, on our tour last September the show was on TV and bizarrely showing  the night we were in Port Isaac. We were all eating dinner then “whoosh” every one left the table in a heartbeat headed for their rooms to catch up with the latest shenanigans of the doctor. It made for a surreal viewing of the show. You felt like someone was going to knock on the door and ask if you could make your way as quickly as you could to the surgery to help!!!

The Return 2009

So whilst we are in Port Isaac, we get to see all the sights from the show, in particular the surgery and the school house (even if you are not a fan it is still such a fantastic place to visit). Every time I go to Port Isaac I always keep looking over my shoulder thinking the Doc is going to come running down those very narrow streets telling me in no uncertain terms to “get out of the way you ……..”

For six seasons I have invested myself in the quirky inhabitants of Porthwenn, the Doc and his “will they or won’t they” romance with the school teacher Louisa. Every TV series known to man must have a “will they or won’t they” romance. We have watched with hilarious consequences the exploits of PC Joe Penhale and his pursuit of law and order (he is my favourite character as he reminds me of so many people in Cornwall). We have followed Bert and Al Large trying to seek out their fortune. There are so many other characters that make up this great show but alas we must move on.

So step four of the enlightenment program for those who are already avid viewers of Doc Martin is already accomplished and your enhancement will be complete with your  first sighting of Port Isaac (this is a very special moment) . Those who have not, may I suggest Netflix or this website  You can watch on-line catch-up on episodes or even purchase a DVD.

You then need a night with no distractions, turn your phone off, pull the blinds and open a nice bottle of red wine (or white if you prefer). Sit back relax and enjoy. Start to feel the first stage of the  enlightenment take place as you think to yourself, in 4 months (or 7 months if you are on the September departure) I am going to be there. I really am going to be there. Whooooooooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  1. Any tours from 23 June through 28 June, 2014? Honeymoon then, can’t change it, but LOVE what you do…Want to go to Port Isaac…Avid Doc Martin fan!!!

    • Craig
      Unfortunately there are no scheduled departures on the dates you requested. We have two tours departing earlier in June but they have been fully booked since early Jan.
      Please contact me directly if you have any further questions.
      David Warner (Dacey’s Cornish tours)

  2. Any chance of a Doc Martin tour sometime between October 18 and 25th? Thanks for your nice site! Linda

  3. Is there a scheduled tour during September that will coincide with tour of Downtown Abbey?

    • Ruth
      As regards to a tour of Downtown Abbey, this would be possible to do by adding a few extra days to your trip and staying in London. Unfortunately Highclere castle (home of Downtown Abbey) closes for 2015 on the 10th September and our 13th September departure date is completely full. We do have one space left on our 20th September departure date.
      If you have any further questions please contact me direct at
      David Warner (Dacey’s tours)

  4. Do you do any in the last two weeks of May?

  5. Do you have any tours in the last two weeks of May? Does John Brown still do walking tours? Anyone else?

    • Linda,
      Unfortunately we do not have any planned departure dates for May, We do have planned departure dates for early June but those tours are completely full and also have a standby list. If you have any flexibility with your dates we do have one space available on our 28th June departure date. If you have further questions please contact me direct at
      David Warner

  6. I’m dying to visit the sets of “Poldark” in mid to late September while they are filming in Cornwall. Have, or will you, ever add this to your tour….beside the “Doc Martin” site?

    • While on Dacey’s tours we do visit many of the sights that they record scenes for Poldark, In fact we stay in Charlestown for the night, a town that they use for a lot of Poldark scenes. Unfortunately we have not been lucky enough to see any filming yet. One hopes our time will come.
      We also incorporate some free time on the tour and some have taken advantage of this time to go and explore the mine they use for Poldark scenes.
      Unlike Doc Martin which is filmed in one village, Poldark is filmed in several different places all over Cornwall and we try to make sure you see as much of this we can.
      Ellen I do hope I have answered your question and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

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