A new feature honouring all those Cornish folk who many years ago due economic hardship, spread their wings and travelled to the four corners of the globe in search of a new life and a mine! We have decided to represent their travels through the Dacey’s Cornish Tours T-shirt, taking it as far and wide as we can (not the same shirt).

So when out on your travels take a photo wearing your Dacey’s Cornish Tours T-shirt and email the photo to daceytours@gmail.com for it to be displayed on the website.

  1. Lovely to see people joining in the fun of taking a photo of them selves in Darcey’s Cornish Tour Tee’s .
    Wonderful way to get some exposure round the world. We had a lot of fun finding a place to take them.
    May this site encourage a lot more to join in .

  2. Wow, look all those pictures of DCT Traveling Tee-shirt. I will join you people soon. I can feel the connection between us and it’s because of you and your tour,David.

  3. David,
    So glad to see how successful your tours have become. My friend Debbie and I were on your very first tour with your mother and sister Julie. you were working for a ham company and I wonder if you’ve quit and gone full-time tour operator. Your daughter Sophie must be a young lady now.
    Happy Holidays,
    Alice Reyes

    • Hi Alice,
      Great to hear from you and hope all is well with you and Debbie. Yes I remember that first tour well! Seems many years ago! My daughter Sophie is certainly growing up
      she is now 13 will be 14 next August, she is still the apple of her Dads eye! Believe it or not still working at the Honeybaked although not as a manager! Away too much for that.
      Best wishes to you and Debbie for the holidays. And as always many thanks for being part of that first ever Daceys’s tour
      Kind regards

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