Every year we ask our guests to add their steps, to PLAY IT FORWARD and suggest things that fellow travelers could do or see to enhance their Dacey tour experience. There are some great suggestions and I thank all those who submitted their steps.

  1. Shop for local arts in the small villages.
  2. Drink lots of Cornish ale.
  3. It’s a hike down to Port Isaac on the coast path, Challenging but awesome!
  4. Walk and walk in Cornwall and take David’s advice to keep walking when you get home.
  5. Believe in David magical powers!
  6. Enjoy ice-cream at Ms Tschell Pharmacy Port Isaac.
  7. Find Adam & Eve in Lanhydrock house
  8. Sample all local seafood.
  9. Sloop Inn in St Ives seafood platter for two!
  10. Take time to look at the photos of the transformation of the Eden project.
  11. Listen to the History about Lost gardens of Heligan, fascinating
  12. Eat a fairy cake in Fowey
  13. Spend time on the beach in St Ives.
  14. Have Pint looking at the ocean in Charlestown.
  15. Walk through the gardens at Longcross Hotel.
  16. Take a swim @ Port Isaac
  17. Patisserie Valerie in Exeter for cake and tea.
  18. Walk in the gardens at Tregenna castle
  19. Have dinner at the Longcross hotel delicious
  20. Visit the bar at the old school house.
  21. Join David for all the walks.
  22. Eat dinners in the hotels.
  23. Take in all the optional outings.
  24. Enjoy each unique quirky hotel
  25. Enjoy Cornish salted caramel ice-cream
  26. Take a cliff top walk at Lands End and find a rock to sit on and stare out to the sea.
  27. Walk up the steep hill to sit on a bench and gaze at Port Isaac from above.
  28. Just hang out in the seaside villages.
  29. Enjoy the drive on Cornwall roads through tunnels or trees, Peaceful and beautiful!
  30. Go early to a show at the Minack so you can walk down the cliff steps to the beach and telegraph line to India spot.
  31. Enjoy lunch at the Heligan café.
  32. Drink local beers.
  33. Bring supportive shoes to enable extensive walking.
  34. When David says, “I’ll meet you for a walk.”- meet him for a walk
  35. Paddle in the Channel
  36. Take initial London walking tour with David.
  37. Become familiar with some Cornish history
  38. Bring wash clothes
  39. Absorb the messages from the Eden Project
  40. Take the shuttle in Port Isaac and St Ives you do not have to walk.
  41. Enjoy a Cornish pasty in Marazion
  42. Learn that flat paths are never level in Cornwall
  43. Go down onto the beach and paddle or just walk along the shore, it frees your mind!
  44. Eat at the Garden café St Michaels mount
  45. Bring less Luggage
  46. Visit Daphne Du Maurier centre Fowey
  47. Visit Leach Pottery St Ives
  48. Eat at the Seafood café St Ives
  49. Eat at the Wreckers restaurant Charlestown
  50. Explore the bakeries for new discoveries 
  51. Get up early to see the Sunrise in Charlestown or St Ives
  52. Charlestown walk the coastal path to the coast watch for a chat with the guys volunteering.
  53. Look out for local craft fairs when shopping in St Ives
  54. Check out the walled gardens at Tregenna hotel
  55. Visit the Mote House pub in Port Isaac and sit by the fire
  56. Take advantage of all David & Harry’s advice then wander off to explore on your own
  57. Bring a rain coat and ignore the weather
  58. Have Chocolate Cornish ice-cream
  59. Visit Madeline’s tea room St Ives
  60. Take all the opportunities
  61. If you look you will see magic
  62. Try clotted cream fudge
  63. Eat Scallops and Mussels at Tregenna Castle
  64. Keep climbing to the top of St Michaels mount, it’s worth it!
  65. Dine in at Tregenna castle(hotel)
  66. Tour the gardens at Lanhydrock
  67. Take the jungle walk at Lost Gardens of Heligan
  68. Have a drink in the Sloop inn St Ives
  69. Look for beach glass St Ives
  70. Eat and drink in the Golden Lion Port Isaac
  71. Pay attention to crossing roads
  72. Try to keep up with David on a stroll
  73. Take a photo in front of Doc Martins house in Port Isaac
  74. Drink in the view from the top of St Michael’s mount
  75. Sit in a pub a mingle with the friendly locals
  76. Watch a beautiful Cornish sunset
  77. Wear hiking shoes to St Michael’s mount
  78. Stand on the stage at the Minack theatre
  79. Do not just walk up St Michael’s mount walk around and visit the gardens.
  80. Chat with the shopkeepers in the small shops
  81. Visit St Nicholas chapel in St Ives for great views of the Atlantic Ocean
  82. Have Cornish Elderflower with a sliced lemon to drink at the Eden project
  83. Attend a performance at the Minack theatre
  84. Drink a Heligan Honey ale.
  85. Walk part of the Port Isaac coastal path
  86. Have a drink at the restaurant opposite the Tate gallery in St Ives
  87. Then go down for a paddle in the sea.
  88. Try something different each day like cream teas.
  89. Come with some background knowledge of Cornwall.
  90. Eat a Pasty, (or several) especially at the Minack.
  91. Paddle in Porthcurno.
  92. Visit the Barbara Hepworth House St Ives.
  93. Check trip Advisor for where to eat in Cornwall/London.
  94. Smoked haddock & Poached egg for breakfast Port Isaac hotel.
  95. Try a Toffee Bun Muffin in Fowey.
  96. Try the Mussels by the lifeboat St Ives!!! Heaven.
  97. Try everything then nap.
  98. Spend time at the old library St Ives.
  99. Ignore the weather, just enjoy yourself the sun will come out!!!!
  100. Fish & Chips and then Ice cream.
  101. Have dinner at the Old school house Port Isaac, Wonderful!
  102. Enjoy the scenery from the mini-coach.
  103. Take advantage of the hotels amenities (Swimming pool, Hot tub & sauna)
  1. Great Post!

  2. Included with step 22 should be that Porthcurno Beach is the opinion of some to be one of the most beautiful reclusive beaches in the world. Surrounded quietly by rocky cliffs, a true hidden beauty…And the mystery of the ancient Merry Maids…

  3. I would add:

    Shop for Cornish fashion at Seasalt in St. Ives


    Try Cornish wine.

  4. for play it forward: a great pair of walking shoes, pack very light! so you can easily manage your own suitcase;
    pack shirts that you can rinse out and hang dry overnight; bring a “true” water repellant jacket. leave your worries and cares behind and enjoy every moment. The trip is fantastic.

    Paul and Karen

  5. Watch one season of Doc Martin. You will be able to enjoy Port Isaac all the more. And watch one season of Poldark so you will understand about the dangers of the tin mining industry in the early 1800’s.

  6. It was the best trip ever…enjoyed every minute and I would agree with all of the above! Would like to thank David, Harry and Jim for the super tour..I need to do it again and see more! I would also suggest waterproof shoes of some sort…Mine got so squishy and water was coming out of the sides!

  7. Enjoy your fantastic trip with David & Jim.
    Look for Aiden Turner at every turn!

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