About Dacey

Most people want an adventure when they travel, but no one wants stress on a vacation.

This thought occurred to founder David Warner after many years of personal experience on both sides of the tourist experience, and it’s the philosophy behind Dacey’s Cornish Tours. By mixing the best of group travel and solo adventuring, we believe we offer something special—and hard to find. Cornwall isn’t easy to get to and around. But with us taking care of transport and accommodation, you’ll hit the highlights but skip the hassles.

A native Brit, Dacey spent many years as a resident of Cornwall and the region continues to draw him back. A passionate traveler and walker, Dacey has backpacked through Asia, hiked Norway’s fjords, driven a Jeep through Africa, and currently navigates the exotic terrain of St. Paul, Minnesota with his American wife and daughter. Decades of expertise in resort management—together with a longing for Cornwall—inspired Dacey to launch Dacey’s Cornish Tours. With his unique hands on/hands off approach, Dacey is realizing his dream: to bring more visitors to the place that has stirred his soul more than anywhere else in the world: Cornwall.

Favorite quote: “The train doesn’t stop at Camborne on Wednesdays.”  This was the first thing a Cornish local told me, when I set off from London to Cornwall for a big job interview. Well, you guessed it—I was getting picked up in Camborne and yes, I was travelling on a Wednesday!

Favorite food: Fish and chips soaked in vinegar and eaten out of a newspaper, English style.

Top travel tip: Book your flight on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Most of the airlines roll out their online sales in the beginning of the work week.

Favorite place in Cornwall:  St Ives, truly shows everything great about Cornwall.