April 25, 2014

Top Tips For Your Trip


1. If using credit cards to obtain cash from ATMs and pay for meals, etc. Let your bank know that you are planning a trip. Most banks will cancel the card if they see an unusual transaction.

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2. Bring Euro adapters (do not worry if you forget as they are available all over London but not so much in Cornwall). For those bringing laptops there are plenty of WIFI spots. If using your phone overseas check with provider on cost. Nothing worse than coming home and realizing your phone bill cost more than your holiday!


3. Check that your travel insurance and passport are up to date. You do not need to show a passport to enter Cornwall. Not yet anyway!

4. Bring comfy walking shoes.

5. Bring layered clothing as it might be cold or might be hot. Dacey’s Cornish tours can only be held responsible for the weather if it is great. Formal clothes are not necessary in Cornwall more smart casual for evening meal depending on where you choose to eat. The same holds true for London unless you are having tea at the Ritz or have an appointment with the Queen.

mind-the-gap16. If riding the tube in London please, MIND THE GAP. Also, when on the escalators please stand on your right and allow people to pass on the left. London is busy and people are always in a rush standing on your right will enable you to blend in like a local. Just remember whatever the situation “Keep calm and carry on!”

7. Bring swimsuit/gym gear. Have to say we are staying in some wonderful hotels and some have swimming pool s and gym areas available to guests. Plus you might want an early morning Atlantic swim to blow away the cobwebs!

Keep-calm-and-carry-on-scan8. Under no circumstances ask a local for advice or information on the weather. See blog https://staging.daceyscornishtours.com/august-blog-meet-the-locals/ for more details.

9. Remember be careful when crossing the road  and look right as the English drive on the left.

10. As for luggage allowance please follow terms from the website. Unless otherwise notified passengers are restricted to one medium sized suitcase/bag (maximum 20 kilos) and one carry-on bag per person.

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  1. September 26, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    Kathryn Miller


    I’ve not yet been on one of David’s tours but I echo the washcloths suggestion from Carolyn Sherry. You might want to even cut up old towels you want to get rid of! Makes the luggage a BIT lighter if you throw away things along the way. Old shoes? Underwear on “last legs?” What a wonderful last name for a UK tour Carolyn! Do they give you a free glass for advertising? An alternative to David’s advice about keeping calm and carrying on: Keep calm and ring Carson for tea! I like that one!

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